Friday, July 31, 2009

o.k. is what i did at the Fiore workshop in New Woodstock, NY. i painted from 9:30-4:30 for six days...with 6 other artist..we referred to the group as our "people" because...
family and friends just don't get it they? the amount of painting that i did is more painting than I've done since graduation away aback when.
the "cows" were done on day one, in the a.m. session, as a color study/warm up...woohoo I's good! i didn't think about the concept of painting here...just "draw" with paint...which is not what i wanted to do...but...i didn't know no better! in the afternoon session, i got the idea, after Fiore gave a demo..."The Red Roof Barn" was painted in 4 hrs. i used my photo reference from 3 different ones...pick and choose... i really like this one...there is a lot of palette knife...a lot of thick paint...very aggressive mark making...trying to pay attention to shapes, not details. looking for the light, temperature, atmosphere and textures to bring things together...i think it's signed it.

the next day i started the "Cedar Bog" painting. cedar bog is a nature preserve close to Springfield...swampy, buggy, snakey...with lots of subtle color and atmosphere...and me on that one. this one is still being tweaked. i like the sense of atmosphere...but there are some "marshmallows" that need attention.

the last painting is from a piece of reference shot at Cades Cove in Tennessee. i wanted to really play with the color here...that's why the red shadows and grey purple in the background. this one has about 9hrs of work...i have a nice little weathered picket fence that goes in the foreground...and before you groan...the fence was there...and has some great shadow shapes that break up the bottom's the workshop...more or less, i can tell you this...i needed this! i have a new friend in Peter Fiore, i have a new love to just paint...and i WANT to paint. this was a very nice fresh breath of creative is never too late to dig down and get back something you think you had lost. this the old dog and new tricks thing.
i took a lot of photos in NY and continue to do so back home..I'll use these in future works.'s your turn...what do you think...I'm happy with them...


  1. The colors used here are amazing. I especially like the painting from Cades Cove and the painting of the Red Roof Barn. Killer job. It's nice to hear that your retreat has rejuvenated your interest in painting. It looks like you have a good handle on it.