Thursday, January 13, 2011

...any of you who won't admit to watching wrestling when you were younger...and i mean "REAL" wrestling!!! not this steriod induced, pretty boy, make up wearing, no blood letting, sissy style of bitch slap fighting...well, you won't admit to have watched one of the all time great psycho's of hard core wrestling...Mr. Wild Bull Curry!!!

I would set 3" from our b/w tv(19"!) on saturday mornings and engulf myself in this show of entertaining distruction...while i ate my bowl of cheerio's covered in REAL sugar!!!...
i had so many favorites and so many villain creep'os...creeps like the Sheik(before it was fasionable to be from"over there") Killer Brookes, the Mighty Igor, Mad Dog Vachon...yep mean nasty creeps, who would suck your eyeball out of your head for a chance to be World Champion!!!

but Wild Bull was extra crazy!!!...biting, chewing, throw chairs...he started that. his constant growl/gutteral chant was another great little trade mark...he always seemed like he was out of breath, just to back his opponent into the corner and take a mike tyson bite out of his was good...

i actually got to meet Mr. W.B.Curry...i worked p/t at a sear's automotive when i was in college and in walks this sasquatch in a suit...OMG...It's him...he wasn't that tall 6'...but, my god his shoulders were so freakin wide! and that eyebrow...a woolyworm of massive steriods!
i shook his hand, which i thought was alot like petting a pitbull before he gets a sniff of you...but, he didn't crush it... is my way of honoring someone who gave me some great childhood memories!!!

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