Saturday, April 16, 2011

....i have always loved Alfred Hitchcock movies..."The Birds" and "Psycho" were my drawing Mr. Hitchcock i used my trusty ultra fine sharpie...i did do a preliminary pencil first...the bird character, at first, i was going to use a seagull or crow as in the movie...and maybe i should have...but, i thought that a little cute demon-esk toothy critter would be better...after all birds did have teeth at one time...the "Bate's Motel" sign was a little bit hard to find...i found knock offs, but i wanted the right shape...finally ran across it with it's flickering neon...the ghosting look to it was a very appealing sight...with a wee bit of scratching with a modified bobby pin(i use only the highest tech tools available) and just a tad of prismacolor pencil i think i got close...enjoy

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